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Why is MtGox still the default?

Everybody who's not a complete noob seems to agree that MtGox are a dishonest bunch of thieves. Then why do so many apps and tickers still have MtGox as the default? Does MtGox pay them a lot of money?
I've sent and email to ask them to change the default but got no response.
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Hi r/Bitcoin! I made a simple Android app I think you might like :)

So for a while now I've been trying to find a basic Android app to display the real-time price (in large text) of bitcoin in several different currencies. I've got a spare android phone and wanted to use it as a dedicated ticker. My searching didn't turn up anything so I ended up writing it myself. I call it Bitpulse and it taps into the MtGox streaming API. Every currency that the API supports is supported in the app. Oh and it's free too!
Would love your feedback and your thoughts...hope you like it!
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I made a push-based Bitcoin ticker app for Android

Hi guys, I've made an Android app which delivers push-based notifications to users when the Bitcoin index reaches specified values. There exists a lot of Android Bitcoin ticker apps, but mine is the only one delivering push-notifications using Google's GCM (Google Cloud Messaging service). I believe this approach is useful for two reasons:
The GCM eliminates the need for polling a server completely. This means my app never has to wake the phone to poll a server, which saves a lot of battery-power. Also, by having my 3rd party server doing all the Bitcoine index checking, the client app is notified instantly once the index reaches the specified alert value, with almost no latency.
Because big BTC exchanges like MtGox don't have stop loss functionality, it's especially important to be notified when the index is on the way down. Knowing when to get out of Bitcoins are equally important as knowing when to buy in.
My app is called Bitcoin Push Monitor, and can be downloaded from Google Play Store here:
I hope you like it. Cheers, Eflite
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I wonder how many ecommerce websites or plugins still use the Mt.Gox API for exchange rate calculations?

I was testing WooCommerce and this plugin for Bitcoin payments and noticed it's broken.
Besides other problems, it still uses MtGox for exchange rate calculations! I thought I'd drop a mention to this here as no one seemed to have noticed there. Although the documentation indicates it's using MtGox, the rates seem to come from
The strange thing it the MtGox API still works so regardles of this particular plugin using it, there may be quite a number of websites / apps / services out there still using it - until it disappears eventually.
I encourage anyone to check their app / website / other software for dependencies on this and update accordingly - perhaps use the API?
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This is the developer for Bitcoin Ticker TTM, new version released in the App Store 1.0.3 with security hash

You guys might remember me from this post Since then I've added some security features. Incase my app ever got hijacked again it would show this warning message and then disable itself. However, after all this mess the app store version will now show as a false-positive on most anti-virus programs. For those of you who still enjoy the app here are the patch notes:
md5 hash for version 1.0.3: ac4f839aaffba024b89407496c382619
to get md5 hash:
1) open terminal
2) enter: md5 /Applications/Bitcoin\ Ticker\\ Ticker\ TTM
app store link:!/id731453251?mt=12
If you guys would like any features added please let me know.
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Mt.Gox Chrome Ticker Extension

It must be app day. I got tired of looking around for my MtGox window so I wrote a quick Chrome extension to display the latest bitcoin price. It will display in either Euros or Dollars.
Get the Chrome extension - here
Hope you enjoy!
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Setting a live webpage as a desktop background in osx

I would like to set a live webpage as a desktop background on my late 2012 iMac.
I think you can do this quite easily in windoze using 'active wallpapers' but I'm struggling with my google-fu to find an osx way...
This is the page I would like to set: it is a live ticker of BTC price in euros from the MtGox exchange.
Anyone got any suggestions?
I have investigated (but not bought and tried) as the reviews in App Store mentioned that it was OK for static pages, which would not suit my needs...
Also, I know that you can make a webpage in dashboard, but this reloads everytime you switch to it, and also, if I make my webpage max size, then try to select it all in the dashboard 'trimmer' it never lets me select the whole page, which is kinda useless :/
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Questions about actual prices of coins and the Coin Ticker iPhone app

I've been in on bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and vertcoin for a couple of months now, and the prices given to me on the Coin Ticker iPhone app for different coins and exchanges have been worrying me. For instance, the app tells me that on BTC-e, litecoin is sitting at ~$3.00, but when I actually go online and check BTC-e, it shows a price of ~$14.00. A similar phenomenon is happening with the dogecoin. Additionally, the app still treats Mt.Gox as the primary bitcoin exchange, and it's still citing prices from that exchange (it's showing bitcoin at ~$130.00).
Basically my question is, what are the actual prices I should trust? And does anyone know of a better app I can use that serves as a stock tickeportfolio manager for cryptos?
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I just released a new Bitcoin iPhone app - Bitcoin Stats

Too bad Mt Gox goes down on launch day! We are working to replace Gox for Coinbase and will be submitting an updated version to Apple today.
In the meantime, we'd love some feedback on the app itself.
Thanks for checking it out!
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Bitcoin breaking the 1 BTC / $500 USD dollar ceiling - time lapse of the live Mt.Gox order book

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