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My brand new customized 14K Bitcoin cufflinks. A nice touch to my navy blue suit, what do you think?

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Have a bank interview in a week, considering wearing my bitcoin cufflinks

Have an interview with a top 5 Canadian bank next week. Thinking I'll likely wear my bitcoin cufflinks. Volunteer bitcoin activity already listed on my resume so they should know I'm at least interested in the subject.
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My brand new customized 14K Bitcoin cufflinks. A nice touch to my navy blue suit, what do you think? /r/Bitcoin

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Just Pinned to ETSY, EBAY, RUBY LANE & SHOPIFY GALORE: Bitcoin cufflinks, cryptocurrency cufflinks, Bitcoin jewelry, gift for him

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Jeweller selling solid Silver Bitcoin cufflinks & pendants - 10% Black Friday discount

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Btc trinkets: Bitcoin nieche items (tiepins, cufflinks and lapel pins)

Im a bitcoin miner who has for quite some time wanted to do more with bitcoins than mereley mine, speculate and consume. I recentley found myself in need of a nice tiepin and one thing led to another. The result being that Im starting a small buisness Im calling btc-trinkets. Bitcoin tiepins. In stock Price including delivery: 2,5btc Bitcoin cufflinks. In stock Price per pair including delivery: 3,25btc Bitcoin lapel pins. In stock Price including delivery: 2btc
All the items are made of brass with "gold plating". They include absoluteley no preaceous metals (or someone has made a horrible mistake at the production end). The bitcoin logo in each item is the same size, 2cm in diameter. Everything is available via bitmit with escrow, do note the discounted bundle containing "everything".
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Wearing Opendime cufflinks on my wedding day! <- Schiff would be proud ;) (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Custom 3D printed rewards for your campaign

Need ideas for personalized rewards for your backers? Consider 3D printed goodies in nylon plastic, steel, silver, 18K gold plated brass, and more.
Zazzy is a beta platform for creating & selling 3D printed accessories for free. We were featured on Product Hunt & on Techcrunch.
You can turn your logo into accessories (necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks) or design text based accessories. One example is Bitcoin cufflinks in gold plated steel.
Try it out and we welcome your Qs and custom orders. We also take care of manufacturing & shipping :) Contact us - [email protected]
Best of luck with your campaigns!
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For the next 72 hours - Purchase cufflinks with Monero / Bitcoin and get 30% off! Use the code "HODLGANG" to claim your discount on high quality cufflinks. Lets keep the use cases for this amazing currency alive! Minimum order AU$120, approx. US$90. Free shipping internationally.

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Our cufflinks store now accepts bitcoins. Oh yeah, we're based in Australia!

the site is:
we do also ship internationally for a flat fee but the shipping within Australia is completely free. we have a pretty unique range and our most popular cufflinks have been from our "Spy Collection" range which you can find here:
small disclaimer: i made a post a while ago announcing us accepting bitcoins but i stupidly posted it at 2am in Australia, so i'm hoping more Aussies will see it this time.
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] I designed crypto cufflinks for my brother's Christmas present - I'm really excited how they turn...

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The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7l1iky
The original post's content was as follows:
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Bitcoin themed keychains (including customizable QR code keychain), tie bars, and cufflinks: ob://@bitcoingear

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Our Australian cufflinks store now accepts Bitcoins! And we ship internationally!

We're not huge by any means, but every little bit counts. Using an official account to appear all professional and stuff but have been using this subreddit for a while now and are convinced that bitcoin is here to stay.. so we're doing our part. We cater mainly to the Australian market but we do have flat rate international shipping available too.
So come check us out. Any feedback is appreciated, but particularly in regards to the newly implemented bitcoin payment integration.
You can see our whole range here:
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I got married and she let me pick my own cufflinks. /r/Bitcoin

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The first installment of my first piece! please be kind, this is my first ever story (book 1, part 1)

i am a really amateur writer and am in year 7, if you enjoy this series than i will continue it if this post gets 700 up votes. Thanks! (edit: i realized 700 up votes is too much to ask for so if we can get 300 that would be great!)
Troy Brimstone
He was Americas last hope, fighting against the soviets where the us dollar is worth nothing.
Only one man can stand up, his name is Troy Brimstone, Americas hero.
Chapter 1: The fourth of July
Everyone was celebrating, having fun, organizing parties and enjoying the day when America got its independence. America, the land of opportunity. Olgaf Pushken, saw opportunity as well, opportunity for revenge, for what they did.
In 1998, on the fourth of July, America tested the most deadly bomb with twice the power of the bomb the Russians used to test in the cold war, twice the power of the world’s largest, most powerful bomb ever tested which was “ the Tsar bomb”. The Americans called their new bomb the ulterbomba, the bomb to destroy everything in the 7000 km around the drop point. They mistakenly entered the coordinates of Russia’s small town of kulek, a population of 9000 people. Around the next 7000 km over 18000 people died altogether, a tragic accident.
Pushkin should have been there. Any other Sunday he would have been taking his beautiful new wife and their adorable new baby to church, along with his dear old mother who lived with them. But the day before he had received urgent instructions to report to base in Moscow. He dashed out of the small cottage at the base of the Urals, barely stopping to kiss his wife Anna as he left.
That Sunday, as he looked out of the command centre window still unaware of why he had been summoned, a white flash in the sky hinted at disaster. It was far more powerful than any thunder strike, far to the east…where his home used to be.
From the pit of his stomach he knew his life had changed forever. But it wasn’t till hours later he got the official confirmation. Kulek had been annihilated. He dialled his home telephone quickly to check on his poor family, “9865 0983” he remembered, he waited and waited once more until hearing a voice mail saying “hello this is the Pushkin family” in a Russian accent “I am sorry I am unavailable, maybe I will call you back soon, thank you and goodbye!” That was the last time Olgaf would ever hear poor Anna’s voice ever again.
His stomach screeched in pain, he knew they were dead, after his job in Moscow, he flew to the nearest city with an airport and he hired a car to drive to the wreckage of kulek. He slowly drove past the wreckage of the old church where he grew up in and used to put flowers on top of his grandfathers and grandmothers grave, as he saw in agony, the graves ripped to shreds, the church bell melting away and the altar burning away. He slowly drove onto his road Tallebry st and went to his house, house number 587. He dashed inside to check for his family, he saw all his furniture destroyed, then he found his one year old daughter lying right in front of where he was standing, he saw her corpus rotting away, but sadly Pushkin never found the wife.
Pushkin vowed then and there, as he looked down at the poor dead rotting corpse of his baby, that he would reap his revenge on whatever power had led to this.Now, 19 years later, Pushin watched as these Americans paraded their patriotism through the city of New York. And he planned his vengeance.
Chapter Two: Troy Brimstone
His heart was pounding, he jumped over a man who seemed to weigh at least 200 pounds. Sprinting for his life he made it to the end of the pitch “touchdown!” Troy screamed as he ran around freely and happily. Troy Brimstone, a man to be remembered in every American history book, be taught at in every school in America and obviously be Americas greatest hero. Troy was born and raised in the worst parts in Kentucky, when he was only 6 years old his dad passed away from a heart attack, his last words were “sun, don’t turn out like me. Be sensible, be smart and most of all, be kind”. After his dad’s death times were tough for young Troy. His mother had no money, so he had to go and earn a living so his dear mother and crippled baby sister could eat.
He got a job with old Joe Denham, who ran a building company. Young Troy was tough, so he carted bricks around the site, and his legs strong, so he could climb on roofs to add tiles. old Joe Denham at lunch would mess around and tell him about his days in the Vietnam war and he told him how it feels to lose a friend in battle. He told Troy all about fighting in the jungle against what seemed like an invisible enemy. That is where Troy Brimstone wanted to become an American hero. In his work as an engineer, he had to scale buildings often and with that he learnt many parkour skills.
On Friday nights, old Joe would take young Troy to the local fight nights, where men like Buster McCullum fought Toothy Willis, bare knuckled bouts that only ended when one man was knocked out. One night, when Troy was just 15, a local lad eyed Troy, spat on the ground, and said: “You that no good nobody up from the hill yonder who’s Daddy died, right?”. Troy tried to ignore him. But then the bully pushed him and said “You ignoring me? You no good son of a whore.” Troy couldn’t let that stand. He challenged the miserable bully to 12 rounds. Old Joe tried to stop him, but Troy set his jaw and said: “I have to do this.”
the fight was brutal, Bruce lee vs Connor McGregor, Muhammad Ali vs a street fighter. The big bully smacked Troy right to the ground, all Troy could see was a blurry form of a man, it was old Joe Denham. “you really stuffed up here boy” he said as he gave the bully a beating of a lifetime, he punched him in the face, kneed him in the guts and ninja-kicked him to the ground. As the bully got up with a bleeding nose and two bloodshot eyes he said “please…don’t hurt me anymore” in a whimper like voice, old Joe Denham replied to that pathetic comment by saying “don’t think that were too old to beat punks like you up” as old Joe Denham spat on the helpless bully and walked out of the fight zone carrying Troy on his shoulders.
It was there and then that old Joe decided he’d teach Troy how to fight.
“Ouch,” Troy said as another rock struck him, this time on the shoulder.
“Well learn to evade them,” Old Joe replied, throwing another pebble as if to punctuate his reply.
“Ouch,” said Troy as the fresh pebble bounced off his forehead.
“Son, you have to learn how to see the punch before it’s thrown. To slip before your opposition has even jabbed, to duck before the haymaker. Concentrate and relax. Focus and let go. Do whatever you need to, but learn not to get hit,” old Joe pleaded.
He threw another pebble. This time, Troy swayed back and dodged it Matrix style. “Learning fast,” said old Joe.
Chapter 3: Olgaf’s dastardly plan
Olgaf had been crunching numbers all night. His fingers were numb from bashing away at the keyboard. For eight hours he had been running simulations on the after effect of the bank crisis that he would plan.
His contacts back home – Ivan, Josef, Nicholai and Vlad – were just as exhausted. They too had been running the simulations. Each time, they were perfect.
“Comrades, we are ready,” Olgaf said in deep menacing tones via their secure video link.
Olgaf told his crew their jobs, Ivan and Josef would sneak into the godman bank and stick a kill stick to access all of the banks security, then Nicholai would use the information to convert the money to an offshore Russian account. They would do this for the top 10 banks in the US, then Vlad and Olgaf (both trained killers) would hack and kill on American soil and try to get Americas secrets. “Right!” said Olgaf “we are ready”.
All his crew mates have suffered by the Americans one way or another. Ivan lost his brother in the cold war by the Americans. It was a casual Saturday at home, Ivan’s brother Leon went to go food shopping, he never came home. At 6:05 PM, Russian police nocked on Ivan’s door and told me the heart breaking news, they never found the body, Josef lost his sister by an American swat team named 4ple, they wanted answers from the Russians and in return, they kidnaped Josef’s sister. Nicolai and Vlad both lost something as they are brothers. Their parents were sleeper agents who spied on the American’s space program in Cape Canaveral. When the CIA found out, that was the end of them. Two gunshots out the back of a seedy bar. The local cops put it down to a robbery gone wrong. But Nicolai and Vlad were old enough to know the truth and that is why they all agreed to help Olgaf.
Now, the five trained killers and expert hackers were ready for their revenge.
Chapter 4: the fall of the banks
As bankers jostled through Wall street juggling their Wall Street Journals, iPhone’s and coffees, Ivan and Josef made their way to Godman Bank’s Romanesque office tower. They were indistinguishable from the hordes of other suited men, dressed impeccably in dark suits, white shirts, shiny Italian shoes and gold cufflinks. The only giveaway, had anyone been looking for one, was the steely determination which showed in their clenched jaws.
“Goot morning,” Ivan said to the receptionist on the 72nd floor of the Godman Building. Had she looked up and raised the alarm, maybe tens of thousands of lives would have been saved. But she didn’t.
Ivan strode toward the computer server room, tucked behind a dressing room and quickly got changed. He then went into the main server room and inserted the kill stick, the kill stick that would rob the godman bank. Him and Josef inserted a bitcoin message to convert all the godman’s money to an offshore Russian account. He put in the stick and alarms bussed in his ear, BEEP, BEEP,BEEP is the only thing he heard. Ivan dashed out of the building. Drive! Ivan screamed as police were closing in on the big beige van. Josef was also an expert driver and could quickly get out of sticky situations like this.
The escape was intense, Josef’s fingers felt numb by squeezing the drive wheel. Ivan was in the back locating and stealing the money in the godman bank. He used bitcoin online banking and started to convert money into his account. The police were only inches away from the van when Josef skilfully turned into a street corner and the police cars all dropped into the water, Josef just laughed while scraping the van as Ivan tripped over “slow down!” screeched Ivan, but Josef had one look at him and continued to drive, not caring who he killed or what damage he was causing. After he lost the police, Josef drove back trying not to crash into a car or a street lamp and drove into Olgaf’s secret garage in the middle of nowhere.
Josef got out of the car and slammed the door, Ivan got out of the boot and they both started arguing “our plan was to not get noticed, you screwed that up by driving recklessly!” said Ivan “you were the one who set off the alarms!” Josef said, “QUIET DOWN YOU TWO” yelled Olgaf in a deep Russian accent “the good thing is you completed the mission, our secure bitcoin account has reached 100 Billion thanks to you two! oh and it’s good that your safe”. “we want our share Olgaf, you promised us you would agree” said the two of them “we all get 10 billion and the rest goes to our contrary Russia” said Olgaf “now only 10 more banks! Me and Nicholai will do the next two.
Back at old Joe’s house, Troy and Joe were watching their favourite tv show when a news lady popped up on the screen “we interrupt this program to give you braking news!” she said “down at the godman bank there has been a robbery, the police and FBI are all working on who this was and where are they now. Over 5 to 8 police officers died by drowning in the duplun river, my name is Jessica smith your reporter on CINY”. “Holy crap!” Screamed Troy “I know right, scary” said old Joe “she is so HOT!” said Troy dreamingly “are you kidding me!” said Joe “this stuff is real, and you got to focus on real life problems Troy!” said Joe “ok sorry! Jeez!” Exclaimed Troy.
Over in Russia, president jicöviĉ was getting inpatient “it’s been 5 days, what’s happening in the mission?” he said in an inpatient tone “it’s going well sir, in fact over 50 billion USD is in our accounts” said his second in charge “hmm, call them to see what there up to” said jicöviĉ RING RING, RING RING bussed Olgaf’s phone.
Chapter 5: Troy Brimstone hears the news
Bank after bank, robbery after robbery, the us could not control what was going on and they were scared, interruption after interruption Troy kept seeing Jessica’s face saying, “we interrupt this program to give you braking news!” as Troy kept dreaming and old Joe nodding repetitively looking at Troy. “what?” said Troy “nothing, it’s just that she…” Joe got cut of and Troy said “JESSICA!”, “Jessica, probably doesn’t know you exist! Look if you really like that girl then go make your first move not stalk the poor person!” said Joe “fine, I will plan a date in the next 3 days, I promise”.
And Troy Brimstone never breaks a promise. Never.
So he caught a train into mid-town Manhattan, where her studio was, and made his way to her office.
“Sir, can I help you,” the security guard at the entrance said.
“Troy Brimstone here to meet with Jessica Pike,” he said with utmost confidence.
“Sir you are not on the register…” the guard’s words were interrupted by alarms from the bank across the street.
WAMP WAMP WAMP WAMP – the deafening sound of alarms flooded the blocks around Lexington and 51st Street.
“The Russians,” said Troy as he burst out onto the street and toward the alarms.
He sprinted into the marble lobby, ignoring the police who tried to stop him. Instinct took over as he bolted up the stairs. He had no plan. He didn’t know where he was going. But he felt the need to do something. His athletic training took over – years of fight training and college football – and he leapt over the railing into the bank’s main branch area, all the while being jostled by people fleeing.
He scanned the vast bank branch and spied a man who didn’t seem to fit the surroundings. He was too tall, too severe looking, and his alligator shoes too fancy for a mid-tier bank like this. Instinctively, he ran toward the tall man, then asked him if he needed help.
“No, I am all goot thanks,” the man said. It was Ivan from Olgaf’s crew.
Troy picked the accent immediately. He started to interrogate the man asking questions like where are you from? Or what brought you to NY? The man started to get angry and told Troy “why are you asking me this stuff?” Troy replied by saying “you have a very deep Russian accent, what are you doing at this bank at this particular time?” he had one big look at Troy and punched him, “I am no one that concerns you, we will bring justice to our contrary” said the guy, and with that he left.
Troy trying to get up, his eyes all blurry, he was bleeding from his nose and his ears screeched, when he was unconscious, the Russian ran away. Troy quickly got up when he was conscious and went straight to the Russian and went for a jab, but the slick and fast Russian dodged the jab and punched Troy in the rib cage ouch! He thought. Then in his mind he remembered what old Joe taught him “see the jap before it’s taken, strike before it’s too late.” As Troy saw the next jab, this time towards his face he blocked the first one handed twisting the fist “aw!” he screeched. Then Troy kicked him in the head and was about to kick him once more when he saw the look on his poor face, a black eye and a bleeding nose, so he left him and then the news rolled in as they screamed a bunch of nonsense. Then troy saw in the corner of his eye, Jessica she said, “sir how do you feel saving billions of dollars and saving so much worry?” “great, I feel great as Troy smiled and kept his eyes on Jessica.
As Jessica was about to go into the news van Troy thought, it’s now or never.
“Miss Pike, would you like an exclusive interview,” he said with just the hint of a grin.
“How could I turn that down,” she said, and beckoned her crew to follow.after the exclusive interview Troy went up to Miss Pike “would you want to get some coffee with me sometime?” Troy said nervously “sure” said Miss Pike “here let me give you my number” said Miss Pike writing down the digits 8976 6794
“yes” Troy said quietly---
Old Joe was amazed to see Troy on the news. He couldn’t believe how Troy looked so heroic.
“That’s my boy,” he said as his aching knees sank into the rocking chair.
But Olgaf was not so proud. In fact, he wasn’t proud at all. He was furious.
“You don’t know who you are messing with, Troy Brimstone,” he said to the television.
“Nothing will get in the way ov our plan. Nothing.”
next installment on book 1 will come out if this post gets 700 up votes. Thanks!
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Keepkey second look

In follow-up to this earlier post from Stellaw, today I too received a developer pre-release keepkey. Like Stellaw I did not pay for the device and they only asked me for developeuser feedback.
The package was sent via FedEx protected by more foam than a bitmain S1, the keepkey comes packaged in a classy black box (about the standard of designer cufflinks packaging) on a green/white cardboard tray, with a plastic film protecting the screen.
Underneath you'll find a stiff 3 ply cardboard 12 row Recovery Sheet, in a matte black sleeve, and a skinny micro USB cable with a nylon rope finish.
I've taken some photos of keepkey with some everyday items you might find lying around your home for scale and comparison
Keepkey is much wider, longer and thicker than Trezor. It does however feel extremely satisfying and solid in hand with its metal back shell.
The screen is fantastic to use, keepkey include some eye candy animations, progress indicator, and logo screen saver.
Side by side, Trezor's display is over twice as bright and of higher pixel density than keepkey, but with indoor use keepkey is adequately bright. The front shell is a fingerprint magnet.
I don't plan to fully review their software wallet as it is still in pre-release developer beta stage. Keepkey works via desktop Chrome with 2 extensions (a proxy bridge and a Chrome Wallet). This solution is up an running with a few mouse clicks and supports device initialisation and wipe, PIN entry, send, recieve and display QR code. Their wallet reminds me somewhat of kryptokit.
At the moment the Chrome Wallet does not support >12 word mnemonics or passphrases (although Darin tells me this will be supported) nor changing PIN or device label, message signing, or transaction history. Their chrome wallet checks balances through chain's API and is not dependent on a BoP server like myTrezor.
After some trial and error i was able to import my keepkey wallet into electrum 2.4.4 and saw the same balance and address tree as the Chrome Wallet.
As the python tools and electrum plugin are dev beta standard, there are some bugs still to be ironed out, particularly with regards to passphrase support.
My overall impression is that keepkey will be a winner. With its wide screen display, keepkey is very easy on the eyes and makes checking of an address, transaction details or initializing a mnemonic (or reviewing entropy/firmware signatures) a pleasure.
Keepkey is evolutionary in several ways - much improved mnemonic playback and restore. They've re thought the user experience, removed the cancel button, and added a hold-to-confirm gesture. This does however mean "cancel" requires either a mouse or keyboard button press.
In other ways the changes don't go far enough, why limit PIN to numbers 1-9, why not device wipe after multiple failed attempts, why must the passphrase be entered in plaintext on the hot computer, why no touch screen and fewer buttons not more?
Keepkey's firmware is a fork of Trezor's, has had hundreds of code commits since March 2014 and is actively developed. With its solid half metal construction, premium packaging, USB cable and security card, and 4 person management team - clearly keepkey is not targeting the budget end of the market.
Metal Trezor preorders were 3 times the price of plastic Trezors and keepkey has the differentiating features of premium metal build and finish, large screen and a mnemonic restore procedure so good that it is viable to wipe the device in between uses and restore to spend.
Their Chrome Wallet is missing many features, and currently there is no support for Greenaddress, mycelium or MultibitHD. (Whilst Trezor does support these 3 it took Trezor years before the first alternative - electrum 2.0 - became available)
Addendum : working with keepkey today they've isolated, fixed and developed a workaround for most issues I encountered. Now the official OSX electrum 2.4.4 binary works perfectly - 24 word mnemonics, passphrases, message signing, change device label, full wallet history with modifiable descriptions.
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A honeybadger is walking through the woods on an annoyingly narrow path. Suddenly three roads diverged in this yellow wood...

It was good to finally be in a small clearing. He had grown bigger and stronger over the last few years and the path had become almost intolerably confining. He shook his fur and stretched, looking back over his shoulder at the distant smoke from the far off mining town at the base of the mountain beside the home of the beavers. Each time he looked back he was always amazed how much higher he was and how far he'd come.
But now, he saw before him a signpost with arrows identifying three onward paths, "Bitcoin 1mb," "Bitcoin S2X," and "Bitcoin Cash." But honeybadgers cannot read of course.
The first two paths looked very similar, nearly parallel, jutting off to the left in the general direction of the valley. One being just as narrow as the way he had come while the other had a tiny but welcome bit of elbow room.
But both had some things he'd never seen. Beautiful red velvet ropes lined the twin paths, presumably to help ensure that the passersby would never stray off the path. There were warm beaconing neon lights, a couple empty bottles under a bush, three muddy cufflinks, a pair of knickers hung from a low twig, and many footprints from expensive soles, as though some high class people recently had a groundbreaking party. Cool! A fresh path! After several meters the paths disappeared into the brush so he could not see further.
The third path meandered onward up the mountain. It leveled off slightly but was otherwise not really remarkable or unfamiliar. There were no ropes or exotic paraphernalia. He'd merely describe it as, "ahh! quite a bit wider" (if he could talk), as though large diverse crowds of hikers might be along at any moment.
This aspect was intimidating at first glance because he wasn't used to crowds, and he certainly wasn't used to having room enough to trot. But the path was quiet at the moment, looking rather unspoiled and, to date, less traveled than the others. In fact, except for the comfortable width, it was no different at all than the path that brought him here, to this signpost in the middle of nowhere, halfway up a mountain.
Suddenly immobilized with indecision, honeybadger sat down under a tree. And he thought and thought. He ran a couple numbers on his calculator watch, sharpened his compass, worried a bit, called his brother, read zerohedge with his hPhone, ran some good responsible simulations, and then it hit him- in order to determine the correct path, he must think logically. So he began to draw a diagram in the dirt which looked like-
I'm just kidding. Honeybadgers can't do that stuff. They don't have huge brains like you do. Fortunately, this was literally a no-brainer. He just sniffed the air distractedly and continued in the right direction without even breaking his little foraging trot. He was looking forward to lunch.
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QR Code Cufflinks

Im getting married soon and I wanted to get some QR code cufflinks made that point to my public key. I want them to be all metal and scannable. I want to do something to include my infatuation with bitcoin in our weeding but subtle enough it dosent bug my soon to be wife. Can anyone suggest a company that could help me out?
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Bitcoin related groomsman gifts?

I am getting married in a few months and would like to give my groomsmen something bitcoin related. I am sure I can get bitcoin logo cufflinks or something but I would rather it be a little more original. Ideally something that is still useful but also can have some bitcoin gifted with it like a watch that has a private key QR code hidden on it or something like that. Any ideas?
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Hi r/Bitcoin! This is an entirely different way to get bitcoin. is an entirely new way to get bitcoin! We buy your gold, and pay you in bitcoin! We are the world's first Bitcoin 4 Gold company!
We have spent the last three years buying and selling gold, and building a network of brick & mortar stores, jewelry experts, online stores, and gold refineries - so we know how to get the most we possibly can out of whatever jewelry/coins/scrap is sent to us.
It seems to us that there aren't enough ways to get bitcoin, and they all have their drawbacks - you can mine (most people aren't going to do this), you can buy it (requires linking bank accounts and credit cards and costs real money), or you can use localbitcoins (people are wary of this for obvious reasons). In our experience, we have found most people have gold just lying around that they don't wear, and probably will never wear. Old class rings, broken necklaces, dad's cufflinks, mom's wedding ring from her first marriage, and even jewelry you just don't wear any more. Also, we believe in bitcoin as an investment strategy, and people who have been collecting gold will want to either get out of gold and into bitcoin, or they will want to diversify some gold into a bitcoin investment.
You could sell your gold at a pawn shop or a local "we buy gold" place, but they usually don't give you very much for it, and they are certainly going to only pay you in fiat currency and not in bitcoin!
You can check out our website "like" our facebook page or follow us on twitter @bitcoin4gold
So, bitcoin, AMA!
*there are other companies that will exchange bitcoin for gold bullion, but not scrap gold or jewelry.
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WTS: Sterling and gold jewelry. Some junk sterling.

For sale are some junk sterling and sterling jewelry. One, 14k gold ring with a .73 carat emerald and .22 carats in natural diamonds is also for sale.
EDIT - I have a tiny sterling cross with cubic zircons (fake diamonds) I'll ship with the first purchase of $35 or more.
All jewelry is guaranteed solid sterling silver or 14k gold. All stones are natural.
Purchase it all for $225!
Google wallet and bitcoin only. prices.
Shipping with tracking is $2.95.
Junk Silver
Sterling silver cufflink. 5.23 grams. $4
Sterling silver bracelet. Clasp is broken. 24.70 grams. $15
Sterling silver jewelry.
Sterling silver with natural peridot and amethyst ring. 0.51 cts. peridot and 1.10 cts. amethyst. Ring total is 3.93 grams. $35
Sterling silver with 12 natural sapphires earrings totaling 1.3 cts. Total weight is 3.79 grams. $65.
Sterling silver with natural peridot totaling 1.55 cts. Total weight is 3.14 grams. $35.
14k Gold ring
14k gold ring with a .73 cts natural emerald and 7 natural diamonds totaling .22 cts. The ring is MISSING one tiny diamond. Total weight of the ring is 3.40 grams. $130.
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Custom Bitcoin Jewelry

Hi, We're a custom jewelry company and we want to start creating custom bitcoin logo jewelry such as rings, cufflinks, pendants, earrings, keychains, tie accessories, tuxedo studs and much more. We wanted to ask what should we create. The logo itself? Or do we need to put the motto also (Libertas Aequitas Veritas) and "In Cryptography We Trust"?' Thank you, MAVA Style Jewelry Team
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Charles Horner Cufflinks c1950 Dan Lok - YouTube Is there ANY hope for game streaming? We tried them all ... ZEC wallet and QR cufflink. Transfer funds from one account to another in 20 seconds. Journal du Coin - YouTube

These Bitcoin cufflinks will add the golden touch to your event outfit whilst sitting on your shirt cuffs. The Bitcoin is a digital asset and payment system, making our Bitcoin cufflinks the perfect gift for anyone working in the banking or IT industries. These currency cufflinks are a real conversation starter, gathering a knowing nod from those working in similar industries, so they’re ... Shop Bitcoin Cufflinks from CafePress. Find beautiful designs on a great selection of Oval Cufflinks and Rectangular Cufflinks. Free Returns High Quality Printing Fast Shipping Bitcoin Cufflinks, Cufflinks Bitcoin, crypto currency, crypto currency Cufflinks, jewelry gift, gift for the financial team, gift for men GreenGlassesStudio. From shop GreenGlassesStudio. 4 out of 5 stars (63) 63 reviews $ 17.50. Favorite Add to More colors Bitcoin set cufflinks and tie clip Cryptocurrency cufflinks cuff link crypto money gift for him Bitcoin logo Bitcoin Icon simbol Bitcoin ... Cufflinks Bitcoin. Totally imaginative cufflinks for lovers and people who are dedicated to crypto currencies.This attractive field has opened eyes to many people. It is not better to have a picture of Bitcon on your sleeve.It works very elegantly and the golden color just highlights the male wrist. Check out our bitcoin cufflinks selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our cuff links shops.

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Charles Horner Cufflinks c1950

'Fake Bitcoin' - How this Woman Scammed the World, then Vanished - Duration: 17:50. ... Unboxing PATEK PHILIPPE - Cufflinks - - Duration: 2:40. MrFreshsk 7,556 views. 2:40. Fake Rolex with Cloned ... First Time in History. SLA Trailblazers BUDG Men Cufflinks Released. OWN this AUTHENTIC collectors piece of Legacy, make a declaration and BE THE NEXT MOVE. This BUDG forward call to action stirs ... Regardless Of Whether You Want To Rent Or Buy, Click Here To Start Generating More Income: Is renting really a waste of... This video shows a pair of attractive Charles Horner of Halifax, Yorkshire cufflinks. They are of a typical square form with each leaf decorated with 9 alternate machined and blank squares. Each ... Dan Lok has been viewed more than 1.7+ billion times across social media for his expertise on how to achieve financial confidence. And is the author of over ...